The OpenSlate YouTube Report

January 2016

OpenSlate is the leading source of data about content on YouTube and its value to brand advertisers. The OpenSlate YouTube Report, distributed monthly, reveals quantitative insights about the most valuable real estate on the platform as well as demographic information by genre and insights about the performance of content published by marketers.

The Top 1000 Channels on YouTube

The Top 1000 channels have increased their average monthly views by 23.8% and average subscriber count by 11% in the past six months. Since January 2015, the Top 1000 channels have grown their average monthly views 40% and average subscribers 35%.

Channels in the Top 1000 published an average of 37 videos in January.

From December 2015 to January 2016, average monthly views are up 7.6% to 29.2MM and average subscribers are up 1.2% to 2.6MM. Of the Top 1000 channels, the Top 100 account for 27.1% of subscribers, 27.7% of monthly views and 14.6% of the videos published.

All data as of January 31, 2016, monthly from December 2015 through January 2016 and yearly from 2015, via OpenSlate. The Top 1000 channels were determined by OpenSlate's proprietary SlateScore quality metric. For more information on OpenSlate and our scores, click here.

The Top 100 Consumer Electronic Channels on YouTube

The Top 100 consumer electronic-focused channels on YouTube according to OpenSlate's SlateScore have:

  • A 56.4% concentration in the 18-34 age group.
  • A demographic split of 84.8% male / 15.13% female viewership.
  • An average subscriber count of almost 128K. The Top 10 consumer electronics-focused channels have an average subscriber count of 830K.
  • An average of 756K monthly views. The Top 10 consumer electronics-focused channels have an average of 5.2MM monthly views.

Brand Spotlight: Top Subscriber Growth in Automotive Industry

The Top 100 Automotive brands on YouTube according to subscriber growth have:

  • An average subscriber growth of 5.7%. The Top 10 Automotive brands had a subscriber growth of 27.3% on average in January.
  • A total of 111MM monthly views and 5.3MM total subscribers.
  • An average of 53K subscribers per channel. The Top 10 Automotive channels (listed below) have an average of 29.4K subscribers.
  • Over 1M average monthly views compared to the Top 10 Automotive channels with over 4.9MM average monthly views.

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*All data as of Jan. 31, 2016, via OpenSlate unless otherwise stated.