How Content Powers Share Shift


Here's What Your Audience is Watching on YouTube

The digital video share shift message that has echoed throughout past NewFronts is growing even louder in 2016 – and will translate into increased marketer action. As the leader in digital video, YouTube is likely to be the largest beneficiary of this movement.

YouTube is not a monolith – and with its enormous reach, it’s no surprise that its contents are a microcosm of the internet as a whole. This creates differences in content consumption by key demographics that can have major planning implications for brands.

Mining the YouTube universe for the best subject matter, specialities, creators and channels will deliver the best, most engaged audiences for marketers. OpenSlate data analysis uncovered the core differences between the most popular content as well as category audience composition for Men 18-34 and Women 18-34.

OpenSlate data as of 04/15/16. Includes YouTube channels with US biddable pre-roll inventory.
Content categories calculated based on monthly video views weighted by the concentration of a topic within each channel.