Measuring the New Premium in Online Video.

OpenSlate focuses on the role that content plays in brand-oriented advertising performance. Today, our platform collects all available data about all ad-supported content on YouTube and organizes it in a way that makes sense to advertisers. By analyzing and scoring YouTube content on Quality, Brand Safety, Subject Matter Expertise and audience, OpenSlate unlocks quality and value at scale.

We currently ingest 2+ billion metrics (every single day) about more than 300 million videos that have been published by more than 850,000 YouTube channels.

That’s a lot of data. But that’s the point.

Quality is subjective, but it can be measured.

Our platform was built to connect brand advertising with the best and most relevant content at scale. By focusing on characteristics that define high quality content – engagement, consistency, influence – OpenSlate offers advertisers a unique and important set of metrics.

Advertisers build and target custom premium content networks that are dynamically curated in OpenSlate.

Advertisers use our data and planning tools to develop custom premium content networks on YouTube. Imagine your definition of Quality, Brand Safety, Subject Matter Expertise and Audience being used to program the perfect TV network for your audience and creative. That’s what we do.

This data is updated daily and connected with your YouTube ad campaign, whether bought directly in AdWords, through a DSP into the exchange, or through the Google ad sales team.

Advertisers use OpenSlate data to target pre-rolls and TrueView on YouTube.